Greenlife Golf - Hole 1

His 147/126 m. uphill with a spectacular lake on the left, out of bounds on the right and the tee with a slight orientation that out of bounds present the first challenge for the player.

The first hole measures 147 from the back tee. El lago is a feature but more concerns should be given to the out of bounds on the right.



Pro Tip:

The fairway elevates higher to the green so take 1 club more to ensure making the green. The tee aligns to the out of bounds, so aiming left is a must!!

Hint: Choose a stick or two more than usual, depending on the natural flight of his ball, and correctly aligned in the direction of green.


Greenlife Golf - Hole 2

Presentation: Unlike the first, this is a short downhill hole and where the lake on the left side extends beyond the green

The feature hole of Greenlife Golf.  A short 100m downhill par 3 with El lago waiting for any tee shots pulled left and a bunker placed behind the green.

Hint: In most cases you should play a pitch or a lower post 90% to prevent your hip, too slow swing, push your ball into the water.

Pro tip:

Don’t be too bold with your club selection, anything long or left makes for a definite bogey or worse.   


Greenlife Golf - Hole 3

Presentation: The 3rd hole is short, but very well protected by his 2 front bunkers. You should be careful with the pines on the right.

The 3rd hole at Greenlife Golf is a 120m shot from the back tee, with protection front and left with bunkers. You will also need to be careful of the pines to the right.

Hint: Try to place your ball on the left side of the tee output to prevent the pines come into play. When in doubt choose a stick more to avoid the bunkers into play.

Pro tip:

If playing from the back tees then placing the ball to the left of the tee is imperative in avoiding the pines to the right. Bunkers front and left need to be avoided, so take aim to long and right part of green. 



Greenlife Golf - Hole 4

Introduction: It is a medium long hole, but there are trees between fairways make it seem even more so. It has bunkers left and behind the green.

A 140m hole from the back tee with great views of the Mediterranean. Bunkers left and behind make for a difficult approach.    

Hint: Select the stick and hit with confidence. This hole forgive the fault on both sides, but the left could fall into a bunker.

Pro tip:  The bank to the right feeds the ball nicely onto the green. Anything missing long or left will leave a difficult chip/pitch to the green.

Greenlife Golf - Hole 5

Presentation: This hole is one of the prettiest countryside full of palm trees and an olive tree in the center of the street scenery. From the tee you can see the hole full and not hide anything. Its small green is protected by bunkers on the right and behind the bunker.

A stand out hole at Greenlife Golf, with a full 140 m shot over a canyon to a small well bunkered green. From the red tees it’s a more simplified approach but the bunkers guard the hole well.

Hint: Play short, to the left of the green, is not a bad choice for this hole, since it has a free entrance where power approach later and thus avoid the bunkers.

The back tee requires a perfect shot to the green. A good miss will be short and left of the green, leaving a simple chip.


Greenlife Golf - Hole 6

Presentation: Its 90/85 m. makes it the shortest hole on the course, but his shot completely blind green only allow you to see the direction of the flag and not the depth. The bunker’s behind and to the right of the hole.

Measuring at just 90m making it the shortest hole at Greenlife Golf. A tall Palm guards the entrance to the left and bunkers right and long will await stray shots. You will also be struck by the great view to the La Maireinamountain.

  Hint: Find a birdie on this hole is often misleading, as the shot may end up in the bunker flag. The recommendation is to ensure the center of green and try to look for kicking.

Pro Tip:

You will need to aim straight from the tee and ensure a square contact to get you to the green. Anything missing right or long will make for a difficult approach.


Greenlife Golf - Hole 7

Presentation: The 7th hole with its 130 m. and adjacent to the hotel, is one of the most respected infuses amateurs because of its thick forest, and dogleg slightly to the left that does not allow to see half of his medium green, but if the bunker on the right.

Hole 7 sits adjacent to the hotel and clubhouse. Measuring at 130m it provides golfers a tuff and challenging approach to the green. Bunkers feature right and long of the green, with trees and drop side to the right. Any miss to the right should be called 4!! 

Hint: Use a medium iron and place the ball to the right or left of the tee, depending on the flight of your ball to prevent it from bumping into any branch.

Pro Tip:

Play from the right of the tee and approach to the left of the green. You will need a well struck iron to make the green.


Greelife Golf - Hole 8

Introduction: Although this hole apparently hides nothing from the tee, is known as the "shatters cards." The choice of club is usually one of the major mistakes because it seems longer than it really is, the stone wall next to the green makes a lot of balls out fired and even out of bounds, whereas if you go to the right the best that can happen is to fall into the bunker because if you fall in street 9, we expected a drop of 15 meters.

Hole 8 plays out towards the views of the La Mariena mountain. Its back drop may be amazing but this is a hole that has danger everywhere. Well known to members as the “card wreaker” for its well placed bunkers and small entry to the green.

Hint: Play short widest part of the street and avoid reaching the stone wall. The second shot uphill and chipper will save a couple without destroying your card.

Pro tip:

Danger awaits a miss to the right and left. A short approach to the green will leave the best scoring option.


Greenlife Golf - Hole 9

Presentation: To end the longest hole on the course with 160/145 m. allows you to use a wood or long iron to avoid the creek that crosses the road about 25 m. the green. To the left it’s out of bounds and if this were not enough the green is elongated and has a bunker on each side and the bottom.

Hole 9 is arguably the toughest par 3 on the Costa del sol, measuring at over 160 meters from the back tees, its approach to a small and well bunkered green makes for a super challenge to golfers of all abilities.   

Hint: Lean on the slope to the right of the street. Choose from either: a stick that comes easily to green, thus overcoming the water; or one that does not come and approach calmly from 30 yards to try to save par. So you can avoid greater evil.

Pro tip:

This hole sets up for a small left to right fade to the green. Be careful of the small creek that crosses the fairway.